Friday, 28 October 2011

New Blog

Thinking about a new blog design, that is all.

Props and things

After the sweatbox I was up till twenty to four preparing for I was told to start on background and environment work. So I started with props. I want to create a powder room as well as some exterior environments tomorrow. These are two of the chair designs in use. Also I think this will be the basis for one other adverts I want to design. I see myself producing a few billboards and the like to advertise products available in this future to make the world seem more believable. This will be for one in which robot ladies can purchase various hair styles and weld them in place with the gun in the picture.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

3 am.......grumble!

Its gone three in the morning and the reason I'm up so late is there is a sweatbox tomorrow morning. I have to pitch my major idea and hope 1. There is enough of it, and 2. They actually like the idea to start with. Hmmm I just finished this 1950's/Mary Blair inspired thing. Its very quick, I want to give it another go in illustrator later to get a cleaner version but I just needed to give an idea of what I want the show to look like. i'm posting it because the blog feels a bit neglected.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Project

Finally back in uni and I have a new project. Its nice to have something to focus on :) its flash based which freaked me out at first as I have had problems with the program in the past. The first week I had time to play around with the program and get to know what it could do which was very useful. My idea is space based, because I thought it would help with the idea I have for the final major. I'm still designing but here are some backgrounds as they appear in my storyboard