Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Amy's Pond

This is a closeup of the pond section of the park planet. I will have some character interaction on a boat here soon which I'm looking forward to doing. I called it Amy's Pond as a little Doctor Who reference, there are a few about, try and spot them ;-)

School Planet

This is the school planet as I have it at the moment. I added children's chalk drawings and hopscotch grids as well as a road sign to help it seem more authentic. The design is like a lolipop. I had it that way since its first designs as I thought it would be a way of enticing children to go to school. Sort of like an intergalactic child catcher. However I spoke with one of my lecturers and the reason the farm planet is successful is because the barn looks like a barn so maybe I will change the school to look more like a traditional school, but with a modern twist.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Space Sheep

This is the finished background for a close up view of the farm planet. I want to have a few scenarios play out in this environment. I'd like the kids to steal some of the robo sheep and rid them around the planet. It would be a class field trip and the robo teacher and their sister (who was forced to go and look after them) try to catch them.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Capitol

Complete with little floating hover cars and billboards, this one took some time. Not just making all the little sections but arranging them so that it wouldn't seem too uniform. I want the flat style I have been creating to be present here too but I also wanted to add a little depth so I added blurs in place as well as deciding where around the planet to arrange the shops. I want nods to existing science fiction. One of the billboards is for Ewok adoption, another is for T.A.R.D.I.S Travel. I called it the Capitol after the evil glittering, shallow Capitol in The Hunger Games. Also one of the stores is called Effies' Trinkets.

These are example of some of the billboards that float around. Also, this is a bubble car as it stands so far. This is may first time trying to create the vehicles using vectors. I think I may add a control panel, steering wheel and mirrors. It just seems like it needs something.

Space Park

This is the small park planet that the characters can go to to blow off a little steam on the weekends. I have a few ideas for character interactions in this area. There will be large peacock style robotic birds running around so I think one of the kids could aggravate one and get chased by one. I want dad to be happily fishing on the boat as the naughty kid steals his fish off the end of the line before his sister takes it off him and he resorts to fishing with a ray gun. I want to have a few other little details in the closer background like birds in the trees and fish jumping out of the water. I also put a lot more thought into some more detailed trees as I had mostly shrubs and bush type plants thus far.

Sky Scrappers....or Space Scrappers I guess

The town contains a a city planet. This planet is essential for my large panning background but will also be a location  the characters would visit often in the show. I wanted the planet to look busy and bustling so I made lots of different shops, cafes and clubs. As with the houses in the main background these decrease in detail as they go around the planet. To make sure they kept in with the designs I currently had I re-coloured some of the existing house designs and added graphics.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Space Farm!

I have other planets in the town that supply the people of the town with amenities and supplies. This is the farm planet where most of the food comes from. I based the barn in the design on the traditional red, amish, barns. I can't decide between these two designs however the one with the square parts or the completely rounded design. I think I like the square one as it is a little different from my other designs.

Yet more planets...hopefully thats enough!

I wanted the space to look as densely populated as i could be. The planets need to decrease in detail the further they stretch back into space. These show that progression.


These are a selection of plants that exist on the little home planets. I made the same designs in many colours so that there would be a feeling of uniformity that you would get with planned communities. They resemble the houses by being rounded in shape and they are also very colourful. I wanted  the feeling of atoms and molecules present in all the design work. They are based on natural shapes, mostly cacti (because they are hardy plants that have to exist in difficult environments, as do these) but they have a metallic, man-made look to them with the seam and bolt detail that can be seen on the houses as well.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Couple more...

before bed :D I'm not too happy with the first one. I may change it before it goes into the final background.

Huh...not MORE planets

Hard at work all day making lots of planets for this panoramic background. Luckily they diminish in detail the further they go back in space. I have made a tone of trees to populate the little gardens of the planets to make them feel more like home to their resididents. These examples are of the more detailed type of homes.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Town Development

I have been putting together a large panoramic background of the whole town. I am have the design for the main house sorted but all the homes in the town need to reflect each other in style. I need them looking like molecules. This meant they changed from a lot of the original cut out designs I did earlier in the project. These are some of the individual planet homes, I'm very happy with them.