Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Robo Rhi before bed

Just before bed, because I remembered about her, here is robot Rhian listening to The Black Keys because she's awesome. There are sketches and marker pen coloured versions for her too. Again, they will be online when I'm less exhausted. Wednesday is a long and bonkers day on the course. It should be easier after christmas though and the Entrepreneurship module ends. Also, I can to to yoga then too = Happy Robo Rhi!

Many Robots

I designed a lot a robot characters as part of one of the ideas I had for the MA project. It is a female student robot who needs to improve her memory. I set about trying to design school girl robots. There will be many more I was just to tired to upload them all now.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Genie and Gracie

The style the genie appears in her is the original style I drew her in a few years ago. I tried to get the dry pain/chalk texture again. I found that Genies eyes looked too stark and vector like compared to the soft colour around them, I tried to soften the edges. I think its semi succesful. I tried again with gracie, I found the best brush for the job, I'm sure this time. Also I experimented with textures. I tried to match them ti the characters so Genie wears pasley on her skirt and Gracie has tartan.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


This is gracie the child who's wish's Genie has to grant.

Genie's Back

The first post I wrote on this blog was for the background project that centred around the Genie character I made for my BA first year project, character exploration. Now on the masters, she's back. This is one of the most promising ideas for the project this year. It's an idea I have had for a while. I experimented further with the idea of creating putting more texture into the illustrator images.I managed to open the illustrator image in photoshop with individual layers which I couldn't yesterday (possibly as I was so tired.) This made colouring easier as I could isolate parts of the drawing easier and more acuratly. I like the outcome but I think I may have gone a little overboard with the chalk brushes I downloaded yesterday, but at least I am a little more aware of what they are capable of now. I wanted more of a Mary Blair or an Eren Blanquet Unten look for the colouring but I just missed. Oh, well its all trial and error.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rosie Riveter

This is a rudimentary promotional idea for a poster and an additional character design. The Character of Rosie is based on Rosie the Riveter, the inspirational character from the Second World War. I liked the idea of taking something from the past and transporting it way into the future.

Luna-Rover the Robot Dog

I was writing the plot for one of the possible ideas I fill further on my MA. Its about a futuristic workshop run by o Robotic Rosie the Riviter. In the story they build a robotic puppy called Luna-Rover after the Luna Rover used by Nasa astronauts in the Apollo days. Its relevant to the story as the characters live on the moon but more importantly I want to use the narrative to teach kids about history and science as well as providing life lessons. In the case of this story responsible pet ownership.

I think its likely that a lot of the artwork will be done in illustrator. However the influence for the style and character design is Mary Blair so I decided to try and get a little more of a tactile, handmade quality as her work does.