Monday, 26 November 2012

Basic Rubble Cabin.

I'm not happy with the sky, I should have left it. I like the shapes though so I can add detail tomorrow.

John and Munchie

John and Munchie is the other half's project for the MA this year. Its the famous friends, the dynamic duo Hans Solo and Chewie but as kids.....kinda. Its sort of a Star Wars parody but it has other things going on. Its set in the Canadian Rockies in a sumer camp called Camp Ken Obi (wink, wink) John attended this camp where as Munchi, a young Sasquatch attends Camp Little Foot. John is put in the worst cabin of them all, Camp Rubble. I had a deadline sprung on me so I'm working my butt off trying to get stuff together so he can pitch to the second year BA's to get a little help.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Annie and her red dress

The fashion also has to be in a 1950's style. I decided to give her yellow wellington boots to be a little more modern. I chose clashing colours to get a bright visual look. I just realised that the first and last posts on this blog reference characters from the same project! It's taken this long to get it working!

Annie Hair Designs

Annie is the character in the story who is good at baking and poses a threat the Gracie's status at the top of the class. She too must fit into the 1950's style world so all the designs have a vintage feel. I used examples of famous or iconic styles of the time.

Genie Teacher Designs

The Genie teacher features at the beginning of the premier story, she is not in it much past that but she will feature fairly heavily across the series. She needs to have a 1950's/60's colour pallet to fit into the world. I started off designing her with legs. She seemed a little too sexy for a teacher but also nothing suggested she was a Genie. I gave her a whimsy, flame like tale.This will reduce animation as well. Also it will make her movement more interesting as she will float. I also like the idea that when she floats it flickers like a flame.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Texas Evans: And The Baby Pineapple

Another idea I had for a series was a classic. Indiana Jones, style adventure series seen through the eyes of a small child. Across the series we travel the world with Tex and the child gets to see its wonders through the eyes of a protagonist similar to themselves. In the premier story Tex befriends a baby pineapple in the Central American rain forest which leads him to an amazing discovery!

Penny Concepts

These are the original concept ideas for Penny, the main character for my interactive children's book series idea The Little Hero. The other half suggested how it could be made into a series which I had not previously thought. She deals in the premier story with the childhood fear of being left home alone. In subsequent adventures she could deal with other childhood fears such as her first day of school or her first trip to the doctor/dentist. She uses the suit to take strength and plow through!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Penny The Protector

This was another idea for a interactive children's book. This one is about a nervous girl who is left alone for the first time. A noise in the house spooks her but she pulls all her courage together and transforms into the most amazing super hero, Penny the Protector! I gave it a classic pop art printed look as the look of old comic books are so iconic. I thought it would suit the story.


This is the pencil sketch of Alaska from John Greens amazing first novel, Looking For Alaska. Hopefully at some point there will be a water colour and ink version and a part way 3d version using paper sculpture and collage.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sally: Line tests

One of the recurring characters is the precocious student robot Sally. She requires constant tune ups to remain at the top of her class. Part of deciding the look of a character and the whole show is the line. I'm not sure what I want yet. Maybe you can help me decide.