Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Girl on Fire

Off out to finally see the new Hunger Games film. Finally gotten a little bit of time to myself. Thought I'd express my love for miss Everdeen and the woman who gave her life Jennifer Lawrence. Here's a Art nouveau drawing of her in her famous flaming red dress from her interview with Ceaser Flickerman.

I'm not sure how I want to colour her yet. I'm sure I want to do it by hand as I do with the other Hunger Games inspired piece from yesturday. I think that one suits markers as I want it to have a blockier feel. I want to get across a slightly utilitarian feel with those district pieces. I think it well reflects the subject matter. This one I thing should be softer. Showing a slightly sad, slightly scared girl. I'm thinking maybe ink and water colour.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

For Finnick

More book related doodeing. I had an idea for comic con. I wanted to Art Nouveau illustrations representing the 12 (and possibly 13...shhhh!) districts of Panem from The Hunger Games. I was going to base them around each districts primary industry. I started with 4, which is fishing because I had lots of ideas, also many peoples favourite character from the series is Finnick Odair. I found some pretty good reference. There was a girl on deviant art who did a lot of reference photos with drappery. As soon as I saw them I though Alphonse Mucha and that's where the idea steamed from.

This is the initial skecth. I want to frame her head with the district seal. Mucha's work often had decorative circles that drew the eye to certain parts of the composition. I think part of the fish tail will turn into a box that will have Panem written in it. Another staple of Mucha's work. I can't wait to colour this! Lovely shades of blue and I intend the background to be a partly deco looking sunset on a beach using golden orange tones.

Crazy Critters!

Here's some doodles I did for a stop motion project. I'm not sure what's happening with them but I'm fond of them so I thought I'd share. I got frustrated with this project for a while. I started off with a bear character and struggled to get much of anything I liked. I warmed up eventually and the got a lot better. Especially buy the duck. I seem to like drawing birds. I did a few bits of graphic design, signs and stuff and adverts for airmail.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Drawing the Green Light

Re-read The Great Gatsby recently and as my favourite book of all time I couldn't stand not showing my appreciation with a drawing. I also have such a massive interest in art deco design and the fashion design from the 1920's. I felt like I could give myself a chance to run a muck with opulance. I looked at the program for the ballet adaptation to get a few ideas.

Oh look it's me!

Working a little on creating a brand for myself. Thought I'd start with a little doodles of me. Think this old design for the blog is looking a little old. Think I'll update it and this little illustrator sketch could be perfect! The inspiration comes curtsy of one of my favourite artist/cartoonist Bruce Timm of Batman the Animated Series fame :D

A little something extra....

I intended Jinni and Gracie to have a moral message that girls within the age range, 6-8, could really take to heart. The core concept of Jinni and Gracie is about getting on with someone who is different from yourself. At around that age children are going to school for the first time and having to make friends for the first time. I thought it was an important lesson to learn.

So What's The Story?

Here's a quick outline of the story of Jinni and Grcaie. Their first adventure is with cupcakes and how difficult something as easy as baking a batch can be complicated if you don't learn to work together!

A Tale of Two Cities...kinda

The story takes place between two worlds. The normal world that humans in habit and the mystical, magical genie world. Here's a little bit about these two realms and how I went about developing them!

Sssshhhhhh! Here comes teacher!

The genie teacher Miss Stephens that is. Miss Stephens is Jinni's favourite teacher who specialises in "The basics of being a Genie" informally referred to by the students as "Genie 101". Having had a shaky start to genie-ing herself, Miss Stephens has more patience for Jinni's nonsense than most!

All about Gracie

Ok the first post told you all about that chirpy, squishy little ball of energy, Jinni. Here I'd like to tell you about her difficult little friend Gracie.

Final production bible pages....hopefully!

I felt I needed the qualifier as I do have the tendency to look at the bible a few months on, hate it, and decide to completely over haul it entirely! This one feel's different. The company, CEMAS, I am working with to build this app seem to really like it so I think it's time, after all these months, that this finds its way to the printer! So with out further time wasting.........

here are some of the pages! It may take a few posts as this is an EXTENSIVE bible (as most of my projects tend to be!) also they are some decently sized jpegs! But, enjoy the trickle of sugary sweet design work! :P

This is the first half of the production document and all the low down on our favourite little genie, Jinni!

Final Backgrounds

Ok These backgrounds are looking good! I think it's time to take them into illustrator and start animating!