Saturday, 12 February 2011


I like this flat graphic style with the single green outline. especially against the red hair. I think however it maybe to flat as my character design is for Stop motion puppets, so I think this colouring style is not appropriate for this.

Im still deciding on what colours to settle on for Ivy. When Emily and Maddy looked at the colour tests I had done they liked the ones that had the natural human skin tone rather than the green. They said when the skin was green, even though I was using different shades, there was too much green and the character was looking flat. So, when I came to experiment with textures today this is the colour scheme I focused on.

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  1. Hey Rhi - I really like these designs, you've got some lovely colour work going on here and some good texture explorations, the top one especially. I just wanted to say, as another designer who focuses on designing for stop-motion (I did it last year and again this year), you've got to make sure that the designs you're doing are actually possible as stop-motion models. Think about how the joints would fit together and work with each limb, and it really makes a difference with the thickness of the limbs. Of course it's possible to have thin limbs, like Mr Bobinsky or Jack Skellington, but just think about the mechanics and how they would work practically. I had a lot of criticism for making that mistake last year, so just wanted to give you a heads up! :) These are really nice as concepts but they don't really show how the puppet would move or work. Anyway, hope you don't mind me saying ^_^ good luck!