Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I love Jill Penney!

These i didn't forget about so much as Blogger was being mean for a while and wouldn't let me Upload them :(
This is the second of the characters inspired by Jill Penney. I think the copic marker was a good material for the washed out look of the denim.
Unfortunately the scan is not great. The colours are a lot more vibrant on paper and less washed out. Some of them have actually come up white on these :(

I have been looking a lot at the work of Jill Penney. I like her proportions and the little bits detail she adds to her sculpts. I have done a few characters inspired by her work. This is the first. I also wanted to experiment with using copic markers on water colour paper. It seems to have worked well, the finish almost looks like pastel its so smooth.

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