Monday, 21 November 2011

Character Design

I heve sheets and sheets of the stuff now. I can't upload all of them but I think these give an idea of where the characters are going. I focused on the beginning of the project on the robot/mother character because I thought that was a quirky idea for the show so I wanted to get visuals for that idea as soon as possibles so people could see where I wanted the project to go. I started work on the other charcters. There is a dad, twins (one girls and a boy)and their older sister who acts like a baby sitter. The kids are fairly boisterous and have a lot of energy so I need designs to reflect that and also they have the ability to be very endearing, which is what gets them out of trouble a lot. The dad is a fairly typical middle aged man whos tired and run down by work. The last character is the oldest daughter, a sullen teenager. Like most teenagers she has a style that reflects a teenage fad. In this case Cyber goth. I picked this as a point of reference as it is a futuristic style that already exists and so I can study it. Coloured examples coming soon :)

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