Tuesday, 26 November 2013

For Finnick

More book related doodeing. I had an idea for comic con. I wanted to Art Nouveau illustrations representing the 12 (and possibly 13...shhhh!) districts of Panem from The Hunger Games. I was going to base them around each districts primary industry. I started with 4, which is fishing because I had lots of ideas, also many peoples favourite character from the series is Finnick Odair. I found some pretty good reference. There was a girl on deviant art who did a lot of reference photos with drappery. As soon as I saw them I though Alphonse Mucha and that's where the idea steamed from.

This is the initial skecth. I want to frame her head with the district seal. Mucha's work often had decorative circles that drew the eye to certain parts of the composition. I think part of the fish tail will turn into a box that will have Panem written in it. Another staple of Mucha's work. I can't wait to colour this! Lovely shades of blue and I intend the background to be a partly deco looking sunset on a beach using golden orange tones.

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